Environmentally friendly no residue cleaning solution

Ideal for removing oil based stains and spills

Unlike detergent cleaners there is no need to rinse with water after applying


Active ingredient Strong Alkaline Electrolysed Water pH 11.5 

How to Use

  • Clean glass, tables, plates and utensils.   Just spray on and wipe.
  • Clean Electrical and computer equipment.  Switch equipment power off.  Spray MC Cleaner on a clean cloth and wipe on equipment.   Make cloth moist but not let MC Cleaner be runny.
  • Clean food spills on clothing.   Use like a spot 'dry' cleaner.
  • Remove oil and grease from kitchen areas, carpets etc.
  • Add a cup of Mizuro Kwikleen to laundry wash water to improve cleaning of clothes and smell.
  • Clean epoxy spills.  Spray on work area with spill and rub with cloth
  • Clean tobacco stains and remove tobacco smell
  • Soak meat in 10% MC Cleaner to tenderise
  • Use 10% Mizuro Kwikleen in flower vase to extend life of cut flowers
  • Combine with detergent to clean garbage and other hard to clean areas

Just use enough Mizuro Kwikleen to do the job.  Do not dilute with water until after use.   Diluting with normal water will reduce the Ph level reducing effectiveness.

AquWash (Korea) video shows how Strong Alkaline Water similar to Mizuro Kwikleen can be used

Aqua Alcalina similar shows how Strong Alkaline water can be used to remove oils and grease


Kwikleen has high pH level.   Whilst it is not caustic and will not sting, it is an effective surfactant which will strip the oils away like a soap type liquid cleaners.

If splash in eyes simply wash eyes with plenty of water.

Kwikleen is NOT made for drinking.

If drink by accident simple drink plenty or water.

Diluting with plenty water will immediately reduce the pH level to normal water.